Help for Using Banshee and Solving Problems

Banshee is a community project, so we rely on each other to be helpful and document problems and their solutions. For Banshee to be able to grow and support a large number of users, it's important that we are clear, concise, and respectful of others and their time.


A list of frequently asked questions (and their answers). To find your answer quickly and to respect others' time by not repeating common issues, it's a good idea to check if your issue is in the FAQ.

User Guide

We have created this guide to help you discover features and get the most from Banshee. It includes information on using Banshee with your device, ripping and burning CDs, and keyboard shortcuts.

Search for Information

If you need help, have a bug to report, or have an idea, it's important to search to see if your issue has been addressed before.

Search the mailing list archives and the website:

Search bugzilla for reported bugs:

Talk to Us!

We have both a mailing list/forum and real-time chat for discussing Banshee and asking questions. The forum is actually the mailing list presented in a forum-like way. If you have a problem, you should make sure you can't find it in the FAQ, the Guide, or by searching. If the issue seems to be new, please feel free to ask!

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