Banshee Stable (2.4.0) Banshee Media Player The Banshee Stable repository provides the latest stable release of Banshee 2.4 (banshee) and Banshee Community Extensions. Default installations will provide banshee, banshee-core packages and banshee default extensions (and dependencies). Additional extensions from the Banshee Community Extension pack can be installed through YaST or zypper. Links: - - http::// Bug reports: - - Source release: - Banshee Banshee stable release repository Play your music and videos. Keep up with your podcasts and Internet radio. Discover new music and podcasts. Keep your portable device loaded with good stuff. Simple enough to enjoy. Powerful enough to thrill. Open source through and through. ----- * banshee A media playback and management application banshee-core Core Banshee platform libraries, services, and resources banshee-extensions-default Extra features extending the Banshee Media Player banshee-backend-engine-gstreamer GStreamer engine support for Banshee banshee-backend-platform-gnome GNOME platform support for Banshee