Banshee 1.4.3

  • Release Date: March 4, 2020

  • Source Tarball: banshee-1-1.4.3.tar.bz2

  • Release Information: NEWS, sha1sum, ChangeLog

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Banshee 1.4.3 is a stable, bug-fix release.

Notable Bug Fixes

17 important bugs were fixed since 1.4.2!

  • Common freeze triggered by column resizing

  • Vastly improved MTP support

  • Occasional freeze when loading some devices

  • Playing internet radio playlists blocking the UI

  • Device playlist sync

  • Some podcast files not downloadable due to illegal filename

  • Show Recommendations check box state set properly

  • Crash on delete from File System Queue

  • Minor recommendations theming issue

Banshee has a lot more to offer! Check out the previous major release notes...


  • Mono 1.2.5 (.NET 2.0 Profile / gmcs)

  • SQlite 3.4

  • Gtk# 2.10

  • GStreamer 0.10.13

  • NDesk DBus (ndesk-dbus) 0.5

  • NDesk DBus GLib (ndesk-dbus-glib) 0.3

  • Mono.Addins (mono-addins) 0.3.1

  • TagLib# (taglib-sharp)

  • Required to build default feature stack:

    • libmtp >= 0.2.0 (0.2.6 recommended)

    • ipod-sharp >= 0.8.0

    • mono-zeroconf >= 0.7.3

    • boo >= 0.8.1

  • Run-time requirements for default feature stack:

    • podsleuth 0.6.4

    • brasero

    • avahi


Contributors For This Release

The following people directly contributed to the release of this version of Banshee. Without their help, there would be no release!

  Aaron Bockover, Andrés G. Aragoneses, Bertrand Lorentz, Chris Jones,
  Christian Krause, Eoin Hennessy, Félix Velasco, Gabriel Burt,
  John Millikin, William Pettersson

Contributors In Past Releases

Aaron Bockover, Alan McGovern, Alexander Hixon, Alexandros Frantzis,
Alex Kloss, Alex Launi, Alp Toker, Andrés G. Aragoneses, Andy Midgette,
Arthur Carli, Aydemir Ulaş Şahin, Benjamín Valero Espinosa, Ben Maur,
Bertrand Lorentz, Bill Dawson, Bob Copeland, Bojan Rajkovic, Brad Taylor,
Brandon Perry, Brian Nickel, Brian Teague, Chris Howie, Chris Lahey,
Christian Krause, Christoph Burgdorf, Christopher Halse Rogers,
Chris Toshok, Chris Turchin, Daniel Munkton, Dan Wilson, Dan Winship,
David Spreen, Eoin Hennessy, Eric Butler, Fabian Jost, Félix Velasco,
Fredrik Hedberg, Gabriel Burt, Hans Petter Jansson, Iain Lane,
Igor Guerrero Fonseca, Ilya Konstantinov, Ivan N. Zlatev, James Willcox,
Jan Arne Petersen, Jason Conti, Jeff Tickle, Jorge Castro, Jo Shields,
Juri Pakaste, Ken Vandine, Larry Ewing, Lauri Kotilainen, Michael Kaiser,
Michael Monreal, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Urbanski, Nathan Palmer,
Nicholas Doyle, Nicholas Parker, Oscar Forero, Pacho Ramos,
Patrick van Staveren, Pepijn van de Geer, Peter de Kraker,
Ruben Vermeersch, Sandy Armstrong, Scott Peterson, Sebastian Dröge,
Tim Yamin, Todd Berman, Trey Ethridge, Will Farrington, Wouter Bolsterlee

Reporting Bugs, Joining the Community

If you encounter any bad behavior with this release, please do not hesitate to file bugs!

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