Contribute — How You Can Help Make Banshee Better

Banshee is a free/open-source project, and you are more than welcome to help us make it better! There are many ways you can help:

File Bugs

If you find bugs in Banshee, we need you to file them in our issue tracker. Your problem may have already been reported, so it's a good idea to check to avoid filing a duplicate. Learn more about filing bugs.

Suggestions for new features and enhancement requests should also be filed in our issue tracker. Please try to check if your suggestion has already been filed. Here is a list of recent enhancement requests with duplicates.

Help Others With Their Bug Reports

You can help the development team keep up with the bug reports by closing duplicates, helping to clarify reporters' problems, and confirming that you can reproduce bugs. Learn more about helping out with bug reports.

Translate Banshee Into Your Language

Banshee has been translated into dozens of languages, but if the translation for your language doesn't exist or is out of date, you can help bring Banshee to entire new populations simply by translating some text. Learn more about translating.

Write Code

We welcome code contributions from anyone, whether you have a one-line fix or a big idea, a lot of experience programming or none at all. Learn more about writing code for Banshee.

Write Extensions

Banshee is extremely extensible, in fact most of the functionality in Banshee is implemented as extensions. Apart from official extensions, we also maintain Banshee Community Extensions hosted on Gitorious. Learn more about extending Banshee.

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