Affiliate Revenue

Since July 2010 Banshee has had Amazon MP3 Store integration. Amazon pays an affiliate fee for purchases (10% of MP3s, less for other items), all of which goes to the non-profit GNOME Foundation, except on distributions that patch our code: Ubuntu, where Canonical takes a 75% cut, and Linux Mint, where they keep 50%.

As of September 1, 2020 Banshee has raised $9,215 USD for the GNOME Foundation! We're on pace to contribute over $10,000 USD per year to GNOME, which is around 3% of the Foundation's budget. We are keeping a monthly breakdown in a spreadsheet.

By purchasing music through Banshee's integrated Amazon MP3 Store, you not only get seamless downloading, you support our free software community.

Go to the Amazon MP3 Store and support GNOME and Banshee!

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