Your Library

Music Music
Playlists. Search. Sort. Cover art. BPM detection. *Automatic file organization. *Library folder watcher.
Videos Videos
Enjoy your video collection within Banshee as well.
Podcasts Podcasts
Subscribe to podcasts and stream or download episodes.
Audiobooks Audiobooks
Organize audiobooks, lectures, etc.


Search Search
Search your library or a playlist to find what you want fast.
Playlists Playlists
Put your tracks into playlists, optionally with custom ordering.
Smart Playlists Smart Playlists
Create playlists that automatically include any matching tracks.
Play Queue Play Queue
Queue tracks in an ad-hoc playlist, or let the Auto DJ take over
Shuffle Modes Shuffle Modes
Shuffle (or Auto DJ) by artist, album, rating, or even songs' acoustic similarity.


MP3 Players and Phones MP3 Players and Phones
Sync your music and videos to your Android, iPod, iPhone, or other device - or import its media. Files are transcoded as needed. Choose to sync your entire library, or just one playlist.
Listen to and rip Audio CDs.


Bookmarks Bookmarks
Set a bookmark on any song, video, or podcast so you can return to it later.
*Metadata Fixup *Metadata Fixup
Fix broken and missing metadata using bulk operations
*Minimode *Minimode
Control Banshee through a small window with only playback controls and track information.
Context Pane Context Pane
View the Wikipedia entry for the playing artist, similar artists and albums, or YouTube videos by the artist

Other Media

Internet Radio Internet Radio
Listen to and organize Internet Radio stations.
Browse and listen to music shared over your local network.
AmazonMp3 Store AmazonMp3 Store
Browse, search, and purchase music from the Amazon MP3 store
Miro Guide Miro Guide
Browse and subscribe to thousands of audio and video podcasts.
Internet Archive Internet Archive
Browse and search the Internet Archive's vast media collection.
*Last.fm Scrobbling *Last.fm Scrobbling
Last.fm scrobbling and context pane recommendations.
*Last.fm Streaming *Last.fm Streaming
Last.fm streaming radio for paid subscribers.
*eMusic *eMusic
Download and import music purchased from eMusic
*Migrate to Banshee *Migrate to Banshee
Importers for Amarok, Rhythmbox and iTunes

For Developers

*MPRIS 2.0 D-Bus interface *MPRIS 2.0 D-Bus interface
Control Banshee using the MPRIS D-Bus interface.

Note: items prefixed with * are optional and off by default.

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